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Luigi Bosca

In Argentina, wine is part of the national culture. Possessing a remarkable natural landscape, where the mountain peaks coexist with plains, lush vegetation, steppe forests and glaciers with cataracts. Over five centuries, Argentinians have developed a very unique viticulture over this land. The altitude, the continental climate, the extend and diversity of terroirs, low soil fertility, dry weather, purity of glacier water and cultural legacy of wine, provide the wines with its unique identity and quality.

The Arizu family has a strong European legacy that dates back to the XVIII century, to the small village of Unzue in the Basque country.

In 1890, Leoncio Arizu arrived in Argentina searching for new opportunities, and in 1901 he founded the Winery in the province of Mendoza. Then he and the Boscas, another old and prosperous family that had emigrated from the Piamonte region in Italy, decided to join efforts and founded what is today Bodega Luigi Bosca – Arizu Family.

After 114 years, Leoncio Arizu’s legacy is still in the hands of his grandchildren and great-grandchildren who honor the tradition of producing great wines.
The Arizu Family has played a leading role in major changes in the local wine-producing industry. In 1989, the firm had active participation in the foundation of the first Argentine C.D.O., the “Lujan de Cuyo” Controlled Denomination of Origin (C.D.O.). the PDO.

Continuous innovation, an unwavering work spirit, and a perpetual quest to achieve the ultimate expression of Argentine wine, have always been the Arizu Family distinctive mark, and have also driven the Winery to gain recognition for making wines with a style and personality of their own, that are the best expression of the terroir and the region’s style, culture and people.

For many years, four generations of grape growers have worked, with absolute passion and devotion to the land, to understand the intention of the vineyard.
The major pillars on which Luigi Bosca has consolidated its credentials are prestige based on the expertise gained and transferred over the years, the sustained and homogeneous quality of its wines, and a perpetual quest for excellence through innovation and state-of-the-art technology.

Today, the Winery is a leading player in the great wines segment of the Argentine domestic market, while it has also achieved a strong and valued position in global markets.

Its wines are present in the most iconic gastronomic sites across the world and served aboard the most reputable international airlines.


The firm has always built upon the notion of continuously searching for the best terroir of each vine. The terroir is a limited space where the physical and chemical conditions of the soil, the geographic location, and the climate, yield specific and differentiated products. In addition, the terroir is influenced by conditions such as altitude, plant orientation, slopes, rainfall distribution, sunlight hours, etc.

With the intention of approaching the Terroir with the utmost respect, Bodega Luigi Bosca has adopted some of the most beneficial standards inherent to the biodynamic planting system, based on a work philosophy that seeks to boost the plant to make it fit for self-defense.

The promotion of biodiversity is one of the biodynamic keys applied by Bodega Luigi Bosca: the vineyard has never been in isolation. There are seven vineyard estates located in privileged areas of Mendoza: Lujan de Cuyo, Maipú and Valle de Uco. The different vine varieties grown in these areas were brought from Europe towards the end of the XIX century, so today’s vineyards are the result of a selection of the best old family vineyards.