Louis Vallon

Louis Vallon is a brand owned by a cooperative winery and is one of the best producers of sparkling wine. They have been producing their crémants since 1995, today available in white, rosé or semi-dry.

The Génissac winery was founded in 1936, the St Christophe de Double winery in 1939, and the Saint-Pey-de-Castets winery in 1949. In 2009, the wineries of Saint-Pey-de-Castets and Génissac merge as one and the same Cellar, the SCA Vignerons de Saint-Pey-Génissac. The following year, the winemakers of Saint-Pey-Génissac join the Bordeaux Families group to profit from their international sales and marketing expertise. With 5,000 hectares of vines, 300 member families and a production capacity of 300,000 hectolitres, Bordeaux Families is one of the largest cooperative cellars in the Aquitaine region.

In 2018, the Saint-Pey-Génissac winery is renamed Louis Vallon, the name of the flagship brand of Crémant de Bordeaux. Today, the winery is the leading producer of Crémant de Bordeaux, with around 30,000 hectoliters each year, a third of entire Crémant de Bordeaux production.

By specializing in white and rosé Crémants under the Louis Vallon brand, the winery is positioning itself on a growing market. This sparkling wine has gone through the economic crisis without jeopardizing those who have dedicated their vineyards to it.

The technical team: who is behind the Crémants?

Today, winegrowers must be artists, scientists and artisans – the artists develop a clear vision of what they want to create, the scientists determine the process to follow in wine and the artisans apply their know-how to the tradition. The Louis Vallon technical team has perfected its skills at the winery, the results being reflected in each bottle.

Successful winemaking must be a cooperative effort between wine and oenology teams. Under the leadership of President Dominique Furlan, teams of 22 employees have received the same vision and are passionate about producing Crémants at the highest quality.

Xavier Bonnin leads the technical team with the objective of obtaining the best possible quality of fruit and works closely with the winemakers to achieve this objective.

Marie Sebille is master oenologist. Marie has a unique perspective on maintaining the consistency of top-of-the-range Crémants made using the traditional method.

Philippe Cazaux is the Managing Director, responsible for developing the brand’s sales. He also works alongside the winemaking team to develop new products and continue to push the limits of excellence in sparkling wines.