Le Mesnil

Le Mesnil is the name of perhaps the best Growers Cooperative Champagne House in all of Champagne. Beginning in 1937, they now draw on the resources of 553 different growers, all of whom have their vineyards in Le Mesnil Sur Oger. Their vineyard has a truly excellent terroir. 100% of its vineyards are ranked as "Grand Cru".They are one of just 17 Grand Cru Vineyards (out of 318 vineyards in the region). Grand Cru is essentially the best of the best and Le Mesnil is considered by many to be the King of Champagne Villages. Its chalk-rich soils and almost exclusive plantings of Chardonnay result in wines with a profound minerality and piercing clarity of fruit.

The vineyard is situated at the heart of the prestigious "Côte des Blancs", so called because of the omnipresence of the superb Chardonnay. The white wine made from this grape, with its white skin and flesh is the reason why the appellation is known as the "Blanc de Blancs". The quality of their vineyards comes from the fact that they are east-facing. With vineyard topsoil over a base layer of chalk the vineyards have excellent hydric qualities thus allowing the chardonnay grape to reach their full potential.

A "Grand Cru" is not an administrative subdivision of the area of Champagne production. A Grand Cru is a particular soil, limited, precious, which, thanks to the geological nature of its ground, the specific qualities of its orientation, promotes harmonious development of the great grapes and the produces great wines. The Grands Crus are few (17), there are even less of Grands Crus Blanc de Blancs (7) compared with 350 wines listed in champagne area. A Grand Cru Chardonnay is not only rare, it is a gold sparkle.

The Le Mesnil cooperative has the benefit of scale. Their quality is unquestionable too, supplying Krug and Salon for instance whose Le Mesnil offerings retail for $600 and $1600 per bottle respectively. The net result is truly exceptional Champagne at stunning prices.