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For 700 years, the Frescobaldi family has combined tradition, experience and innovation with creativity and the pursuit of excellence. The family has always looked to develop and celebrate the diversity of Tuscany’s terroir. Being proud owners of some of the greatest vineyards in this region they have always sought to maintain the identity and autonomy of each property.

Frescobaldi represents the true diversity of Tuscany and its six estates, Nipozzano, CastelGiocondo, Pomino, Ammiraglia, Castiglioni and Remole, are all located in the most suitable areas for the production of fine wines. ORNELLAIA, MASSETO, LUCE DELLA VITE, DANZANTE and ATTEMS (Friuli) are also part of the Frescobaldi Group. The Frescobaldi name carries with it the on-going responsibility of cultivating the best of Tuscan diversity through sustainable cultivation of the land. Producing fine wines which perfectly represent and fully illustrate the diversity of the family estates. Additionally, to communicate and promote the culture of Tusany and its different territories. Through their estates, wines and specific value-enhancing projects.

Frescobaldi prides their estates for receiving AgriQualita certification in the Region of Tuscany. This is awarded for the use of ecologically sustainable farming techniques compatible with the protection of the natural environment.

  • Using lighter-weight and environmentally friendly bottles
  • Reducing the use of glass
  • Reduce energy and water consumption during production
  • Reduce CO2 emission during production and transportation approx 350 tons!