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Domaine Anne-Sophie Dubois

Anne-Sophie grew up in Champagne and learned her craft in Burgundy. Her love for Gamay led her to Fleurie, where she now organically farms 8 hectares of vines. She is now upending Beaujolais and making her wines in a Burgundian style from her vineyard in Fleurie.

The estate's vines are all located on steep slopes (exceeding 30% in some plots) at Les Labourons, AOC Fleurie. At about 400m in elevation, her home and winery is right in the middle of her 8 hectares of vineyards. Since she does not share plots, she has been able to create her own ecosystem according to her philosophy. This largely means that she is free to operate organically with little interference from other growers.

Anne-Sophie says that wine is "a sum of details" and for her this means manual harvesting, meticulous sorting, and spontaneous fermentation. Anne-Sophie harvests her up to 60-year-old Gamay vines over 8–10 days, entirely by hand. It's "Very important to have beautiful grapes in the vat. Clean fruit is good because natural yeast is used.”

Fermentation includes whole clusters ,which she believes adds so much more beautiful fruit. Her wines are subsequently vibrant and pure. They also benefit from not being bogged down by lots of oak flavour. Anne-Sophie's youngest barrels are 3 years old.