Cota Vina

The history of Cota Vina dates back almost 100 years, when proprietor Mark Cota returned to the village of Oklaj after working in America. In 1911, Mark built a traditional stone house and wine cellar, then started buying plots of land surrounding Promina Mountain to begin planting and developing vineyards. Future generations started growing 6 hectares of different varietals (both local and international).

The vineyards are located in a small picturesque place in Croatia, not far from the Dalmatian coast. Almost all of the territory is in a national park, River Krka, with beautiful scenery. The vineyards experience a natural annual overlap of three different climates –  mountain, continental, and Mediterranean.

Petar is now the fourth generation to continue his great granfather’s work and legacy, running the winery in natural and traditional ways.