Corte Moschina

Maria Patrizia Niero purchased the 35 hectare estate of Corte Moschina in 1998, but the land has been farmed since the 16th Century. Maria's sons, Alessandro (winemaker) and Giacomo Danese (vineyard manager), now lead the winery.

The estate is in Roncà, a village in the northeastern part of the Soave appellation in Veneto, at the foot of the Lessini mountains. The land preserves years of history made up of volcanic eruptions and nature as far as the eye can see. Different types of soil give their wines unique properties that unequivocally characterize each product: the basaltic soil of Monte Calvarina, the white karst rocks and a land rich in iron in Alonte and limestone rocks in Valpolicella.

Love for the land, passion for authenticity, and years of work has been handed down from generation to generation. Another inheritance is the will to always give the best of themselves: it is thanks to all this that Corte Moschina has become worthy representatives of a sincere Italianness today.

The estate began organic conversion in 2016 with their first vineyard being certified in 2020. The remainder of the estate should achieve full certification by 2023.