Clos Triguedina, Jean-Luc Baldès

Clos Triguedina is the cradle of the Baldès family. It is a heritage loaded with stories of men. Thus the pilgrims of St Jacques de Compostelle used to eat there (me trigo de dina means in Occitan I can't wait to have dinner ).

For their part, the Baldès built Clos Triguedina by passing on their know-how, emotions and passions from father to son. Their pioneering temperament identifies them as one of the founding families of the Cahors appellation.

In 1830, Etienne BALDES planted his first plots of Cahors, at Clos Triguedina. Etienne Baldès had spotted the most beautiful terraces in the Lot valley. Since then, 7 generations of winegrowers have ensured the continuity of the estate.

Jean-Luc Baldès today, with his wife Sabine, ensures the family continuity at the head of the domain. Regularly celebrated by the press and awarded by the juries of national and international competitions for his red and white wines, he leads the estate's wines to the top of the appellation. Today, he has 40 years of vinification on this property to which he remains passionately attached. Jean-Luc Baldès has forged a reputation as a “master of Malbec”.

Juliette Baldès, the daughter of Jean-Luc and Sabine Baldès, decided at the age of 5 to become a winegrower and to continue the history of the Baldès family at Clos Triguedina. For the moment she is pursuing her studies with this objective, encouraged by her little brother Jean, who is also very interested in everything that happens at Clos Triguedina.

Located in the heart of the Cahors vineyard, next to Puy I’Evêque to the south-west of Cahors, the estate is nestled between the meanders of the Lot river and covers 70 hectares. Its clay-limestone and clay-siliceous soil, similar to the composition of Pomerol soil is ideal for creating great vintages.

Jean-Luc Baldès has the privilege of exploiting his unique terrors in four communes: Puy I’Evêque (capital of the Cahors vineyards), Vire sur Lot, Floressas and Touzac, surrounded by the meanders of the Lot, favourite lands for the elaboration of Grands Vins in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th terraces.

The world of the winemaker consists of respecting the character and identity of the terroirs with a concern for perfect harmony between the land and the people and this in compliance with the rigorous specifications of the demanding High Environmental Value Level 3 certification.

Jean-Luc is used to saying: “ The magic of Clos Triguedina is the richness of its terroirs which allows me to give free rein to my imagination as a winegrower ”. And to add: “ Our best working tool is our terroirs! No good wines without good grapes and no good grapes without good care of the vines and the soil ”.

Inspired by his studies in Burgundy and by the Burgundian origins of his wife Sabine, born in Beaune in the heart of the Côte d'Or vintages, Jean-Luc Baldès favors the plot approach and constantly seeks to express all the palettes of his terroirs in 2nd, 3rd and 4th terraces.