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Chateau Magdeleine Bouhou

Château Magdeleine Bouhou is a 17 hectares family property within the appellation of Blaye Côtes de Bordeaux. As early as 1868, Chateau Magdeleine Bouhou was classified “Premier Cru Bourgeois” in the first editions of the famous Féret Guide. They are located in the village of Cars just to the east of the Gironde estuary and at the very heart of our appellation. The entirety of our production is dedicated to red varietals. We are especially fond of two of these red varietals: Merlot and Malbec.

The name of our Château is inspired by “Madeleine” who was the great great grand mother and generations ago was the lady of the household, as well as “Bouhar” which means “wind” in Gascon dialect.  Muriel is the the 4th generation to bear the fruit of these vines and she is trying to remain faithful to the adventurous hard-working spirit of those who came before her.

From 2009 onwards, she have worked closely with Stéphane Derenocourt, a self-taught viticulturist and winemaker. The vineyard is an ecosystem. The quality of the wine is inseparable from the health of this ecosystem. Everything begins from the soil through the vine to reach the wine.

A complex and healthy ecosystem is the only way to achieve finesse, elegance and complexity in our wine. They want to show that who they are is inextricably linked to where they are. They want to reveal their identity through the Malbec and Merlot grape, always present in the vineyard.

Organic farming practices will allow the grapes to be more clearly emphasised through the terroir and produce wines of even greater quality while respecting and working in harmony with the earth.

Today, the wines of Château Magdeleine Bouhou are served in some of the best restaurants in France. Restaurants such as Bernard Loiseau Rive Gauche and Lutetia (5 stars) in Paris. Château Magdeleine Bouhou is recognized as a quality artisan producer by the “Collège Culinaire de France”.

The Château Magdeleine Bouhou wines are also beginning to be exported outside of France throughout Europe, North America and Asia. The wines are appreciated for their high quality to price ratio by professionals eager to showcase the work of independent winegrowers. Organic certification will allow all our private and professional customers to better identify the work we do in collaboration with nature through transparent labeling.