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Château Labat

The vineyard has existed since the 17th century. The lower part had disappeared in favour of the hamlet which bears its name, the current vineyard still remains on the upper part. Acquired by the Nony family, owners of Ch Caronne Ste Gemme, in the 1920s, the vineyard became Crû Boutgeois in the first classification of 1932 and has always maintained its rank in the following reclassification. Since the 2001 vintage, the current generation (the fourth), has invested in increasing its level, taking into account its typicality.

The vinification seeks the expression of the Labat terroir with gentle extraction methods and long macerations. The Aging is done in barrels of stave oaks exclusively. Bottling is carried out at the property 18 months after harvest.

The property has 7 hectares of terroir composed of deep Günzienne gravel on a subsoil of fine clay. Its shape is that of an island, 16 meters above sea level, forming a resurgence of the Saint Jullien plateau which borders it to the northeast.

The cultivation methods are traditional, with a particular method of plowing and a high density of plantation (10,000vines per hectare). Of the 7 hectares, 50% is used for Cabernet Sauvignon, while the other 50% is used for Merlots.