Canaan Winery

Canaan Wine Estate is a top-quality Chinese winery located in Huailai, Hebei Province in central Northern China. The winery was founded in 2006 by Cher Wang, the founder of HTC technology and daughter to Wang Yung Ching the second richest man in Taiwan. 

Canaan farms over 1,000 hectares of vineyards, making it the largest single grape grower in China. The vineyard is next to Domaine Franco Chinois (DFC), another top-quality Chinese winery.

Their vision is to bring you wines representing the unique Huailai terroir, grown by passionate vignerons, to enrich your perspective of the world’s fine wines.

In 2006, a team of international consultants were called to review and scout for potential sites for the project. It took 24 months of traveling more than 17,000 km covering 11 Provinces and 9 grape regions. After more than 400 soil analysis, Huailai was chosen to be the optimal area in China to grow premium grapes. 

The very first vine was planted in 2009. By 2020, there were 275 hectares of grape vines under production. At 15,000 square meters, a state of the art winery equipped with modern technologies was completed in 2012. Its full production capacity is set at over a million bottles annually.

Historical documents reveal that there have been over 1,200 years of grape growing records within Huailai. Huailai is adjacent to Guan Tin Lake, a water body of 290 square km surface, that serves as a natural air temperature regulator. Mountain ranges situated to the north and south of Canaan vineyards channel seasonal NW dry air from the North, which substantially reduces disease pressure to the grape vines.


Canaan manages three distinctive vineyard sites-site 16, 17 and 133. Total planting encompasses more than 10 white varietals and 15 reds. Beyond the nature of respective soil characteristic, site elevation at each vineyard site varies from 1,050 metres (site 16, for white variety planting) to a more temperate valley floor of 498 metres (site17, 133, for red grape variety planting).