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Bonterra Organic Vineyards

The name “Bonterra,” or “good earth,” says it all. Organically farmed and masterfully crafted, Bonterra Organic Vineyards epitomizes wines that are perfectly in tune with nature. Bonterra Vineyards emerged in 1990, produced at the Fetzer winery in California’s Mendocino County. One of the early pioneers in organic viticulture in the state, Bonterra has since grown to become a top-selling brand of wine that uses 100% organic grapes.

Dedicated to the principles of organic and sustainable agriculture, Bonterra has been farming organically for 30 years, and has implemented biodynamic practices for the last 20 years. With organic and biodynamic farming comes sustainability. To Bonterra, sustainability is about protecting not only the planet but also the staff and the local community from harm. In 2016, the Wine Enthusiast awarded Bonterra as its American Winery of the Year because of its commitment to organic farming and it’s quality of affordable wines.

Bonterra vineyards at McNabb Ranch – Nearly 1000 acres of organic vineyards

A celebration of farm-fresh flavors, their portfolio features wines coaxed from the earth by careful farming practices carried out on a dynamic network of estate and partner farms throughout California. In addition to a widely available collection of organically farmed wines that includes Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Equinox Red and Rosé, Bonterra crafts a trio of sought-after single-vineyard offerings from estate biodynamic vineyards in Mendocino County, and The Elysian Collection Merlot, an elevated offering from organic grapes.

The Bonterra team includes founding winemaker Bob Blue, lead winemaker Jeff Cichocki, assistant winemaker Sebastian Donoso, vineyard director Joseph Brinkley, and organic vineyard manager Matt Tollini. Long before organic produce filled the shelves of neighborhood groceries, the dedicated team at Bonterra was committed to organic and biodynamic farming because they passionately believe that farms teeming with biodiversity—encompassing vines, insects and wildlife, and healthy soils—yield organic grapes leading to better wines. Whether supporting the health of honeybees with hive housing in its organic vineyards, trading tractors for sheep to maintain vineyards during the winter months, or giving back to the future of agriculture through educational outreach and shared knowledge, Bonterra strives to leave behind a legacy of thoughtful winegrowing inspired by the potential of nature itself.