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Baglio di Pianetto

The first twenty years of Baglio di Pianetto tell the story of a great and successful quest. In the two estates of Santa Cristina Gela and Val di Noto, Conte Paolo Marzotto fulfilled his dream of producing wines capable of expressing two different and unique Sicilian terroirs, applying all the wine-making savoir faire of the great French chateaux: a high quality wine production striking the perfect balance between tradition and innovation.

It is the awareness of such a significant history that binds together Baglio di Pianetto and its wine estates, in the countryside of Palermo and the Val di Noto respectively, two very different terroirs which, nonetheless, come together to form one unique quality design. Baglio di Pianetto’s environmentally sustainable production, confirmed and enhanced by the reconversion of the entire agricultural estate (approx. 160 ha) to organic farming, is born from the effort to meet the needs of the many wine lovers who want clear and reliable information regarding what they eat or drink.

A choice rewarded by the attention of an increasingly diverse and widespread consumer base. 50% of all bottles produced by Baglio di Pianetto are sold outside of Italy: in the United States, Japan, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Russia, France, Norway, the Czech Republic, Canada and many emerging economies.


In the countryside of Palermo, with its view of hills, luscious greenery, steep rock formations and enough water to earn it the nickname "Little Switzerland". Here in Baglio di Pianetto as well as in the wine estate of Tenuta Baroni, in the province of Noto, acquired one year later. Count Paolo's wish to produce wines that exalted a unique terroir through the savior faire of great French chateaux found its ideal fulfillment. Tenuta Baroni became the home of the Sicilian native Nero d'Avola. Used in the making of Cembali, the Count regards it as one of his best wines for its unique softness and elegance.