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Adega de Azueira

Located in a region of Portugal with one of the longest wine traditions, Adega de Azueira is more than 50 years in existence. It produces about 10 million litres of wine annually, 85% of which is red, and 15% is white. Currently, it counts with 400 active members, approximately, and its vineyards take arround 1200 hectares of land.

More than 25 years ago, it started expanding into the African market, namely Angola, by opening a branch in the capital city of Luanda. Leaning on this success, the opportunity for expansion into other international markets has come up, and Adega de Azueira is now present in four continents.

In recent years there has been an investment in the diversification of national and international grape varieties in order to improve the wines produced, as well as increasing the production of certified wines in the Lisbon region.

Currently, new brands have been developed to think of each market where Adega de Azueira is present. Having a range of wines with their own designs gives all the customers and partners the possibility of customizing them according to their needs and requirements.


The Lisbon region has a long history in viticulture of Portugal, extending for about 40 km northwest of Lisbon, capital of Portugal. It offers excellent conditions for the production of high quality wines, thanks to its temperate climate and also the great Atlantic influence.

Its vineyard area consists of the traditional Portuguese grape varieties and also the most famous international grape varieties, resulting in a great diversity of wines, which are known for their good quality / price ratio.

Born in the Lisbon area where the proximity to the Atlantic coast and the long hours of sunshine together with the topography predominantly per half hillside, have a direct impact on the quality of the wines produced by Adega Cooperativa de Azueira, CRL.

Its originally Jurassic and cretaceous soils gives origin to clay-limestone composition always recommended for the production of wines with good sugar content.

The main vineyards are framed by the Serra do Socorro, Serra da Malveira, Serra da Vila, Picanceira and Encarnação, located in the municipalities of Mafra and Torres Vedras.