Wine Ambassador Series: Blankbottle, South Africa

A winery that never repeats a label!
  • $35.00


Our upcoming tasting on 18th Feb will cover Blankbottle, a unique winery from South Africa!

An innovative winery that never repeats a label, discover the wines of a winery without a farm! Working with farms mostly within the Western Cape region, their goal is to create unique wines featuring the best of South African farms!


Want to have a sommelier or vineyard ambassador take you through a curated flight of wines?

Want to find out all the intricate & quirky facts behind the wine & wine making techniques?

If the answer to any of these is YES, then join our professional led wine tasting sessions! Running on Saturdays in sessions of up to 8 persons, this intimate tasting session will take you through a flight of 4-6 wines! Introducing you to specific themed regions or vineyards for the day.

Details include:

  • Venue: 120 Tembeling Road, Singapore 423619
  • Schedule: 2, 1 hour sessions from 2-6pm
  • Wines: Depends on tasting