Warner's Juniper Double Dry 0% Alc

When you wanna drink but got work the next day - 0%.
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Warner’s Juniper Double Dry

Warner’s Juniper Double Dry is the perfect twin to a tonic: herby, aromatic & zesty, pairing spicy cinnamon and cardamom with fresh lemon verbena and lemon thyme.
With 0% ABV and 100% natural botanicals, the Botanic Garden Spirits are the perfect non-alcoholic alternative to the sustainably crafted farm-grown gins.  Aromas of fresh herbal and pine with hints of rose, lavender and pink pepper. It is soft and herbaceous with cardamom and mouth-watering citrus to compliment. This finish is a gentle and woody flavour that gives way to cinnamon.
Packed full of flavour, with 90% of the ingredients sourced directly from our farm: a taste of the countryside that brings people together. This bottle is filled with Falls Farm spring water, natural botanical distillates and extracts of lemon verbena, lemon thyme, myrrh, wormwood and yarrow
Pour yourself a healthy slug over ice, 50ml should do it, add a splash of Mediterranean tonic & a wedge of orange. Don't forget about the company. This drink is best served with friends chilling on a late night out, right before you have to hit the office, a few hours later. It's okay, we promise to keep it a secret, we have all been there.
This lovely bottle is also suitable teenagers who are curious about the after-18 life. We promise this is safe and they will not gett tipssy. Well, you know, we don't make promises we can't keep. Make this a family Christmas drink!
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