Warner's Honeybee Gin

Let's get buzzzzing˜
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Warner’s Honeybee Gin

Not just any old honey gin. This is honeybee gin. Dedicated to the millions of teammates we’ve got on the farm.

A total winner with Mediterranean tonic and a sprig of sage if you’ve got one nearby.

A dollop of fresh honey from the beehives, juniper, coriander seed, elderflower, cardamom, nutmeg, cinnamon, angelica root, orange peel, lemon peel, rose petal, chamomile flowers, rosemary, sage leaf, fresh root ginger, star anise, hibiscus flower, blue cornflower petals, quince, dried grapefruit peel, fresh lime peel, lavender, plus a few secret ingredients.

It has a with sweet honey and subtle spice. The palate is soft and creamy with lavender, rose and hints of grapefruit giving a little zest. The finish is smooth and enduring with the dr-sweet of juniper and elderflower followed by lingering honey.

The Story

Our bees rock. They keep our 10 acres of botanicals healthy and give us a big dollop of honey for every bottle of honeybee gin. They’re properly looked after, in tip-top hives. They’ve even got their own beekeeper to work with, or against, as they see fit. And to keep them buzzing - and the gin delicious – five acres of our farm is now a wildflower paradise. But that still wasn’t enough. So through 1% for the planet, we’re giving big environmental projects a helping hand too. This keeps the bees happy and leaves a pretty decent taste in the mouth.


Buzzini – stir 60ml of Warner’s Honeybee Gin with 15mil of Martini Rosso Vermouth with a dash of orange bitter over ice (for at least 15 seconds) in a mixing glass, then pour into the martini glass, straining out the ice.

The Bee’s Knee – Shake 50ml of Warner’s Honeybee Gin, 20ml of orange juice, 2 teaspoon of honey and 1 egg white (optional) with ice for 10 seconds. Double strain the liquid into the other half of the shaker and empty the ice. Dry shake for another 10 seconds and pour into the coupette.

Buzzecco – Dollop 10ml of honey into the bottom of the glass and add 35ml of Warner's Honeybee Gin. Using a spoon, stir until the honey is dissolved, then top up with prosecco. Alternatively, you can use white sparkling wine to create a Buzz Fizz!