Volstead Vodka

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Volstead Vodka

A cheekily named Vodka from Oregon with a smoky and tropical flare.
Volstead Vodka pays homage to an unlikely American hero ‚Äď the late US Congressman Andrew Volstead who brought vodka to America entirely by accident.¬†The National Prohibition Act of 1919 (informally called "The Volstead Act") ¬†enacted to carry out the intent of the 18th Amendment,¬†prohibiting the manufacture and sale of alcoholic beverages. The corn-based and naturally gluten free spirit is distilled at Westward Distillery in Portland, Oregon. Filtered through charred coconut husks for four days after distillation. Hence why the vodka is infused with a smoky and exotic essence.
The clean nose carries a light coconut aroma with floral notes. Layered with a central coconut flavour, distinct exotic whiffs of smoke, and soft notes of coffee and char. Gentle after-hints of florals, vanilla and passion fruit. The flavour profile is surprisingly rich for a corn-based Vodka, with a bit of spice to balance out the sweetness. Unobtrusive and easy to drink, with a light and lingering finish.
Forget craft beer, craft liquor is the next big thing. And this one is the perfect present for that particularly cheeky friend.