Tomikawa Yuzu Sake

Unlike any other Yuzu Sake or liqueur
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Body: Light

Dryness: Sweet

Alcohol (%): 10

Origin: Tochigi Prefecture, Japan

Maker: Tomikawa





Serving Temperature: Best served chilled at 10°C

Food Pairing: Tempura, sushi

Tomato and basil pizza, summer salads


Tomikawa Yuzu Sake

Unlike any other Yuzu Sake or yuzu liqueur you've ever tried. Refreshing and clean yuzu flavour that hits the spot. Most yuzu liqueurs have an unpleasant bitter punch, but you won't find any of that here. This sake has a beautifully pleasant flavour and finds the perfect balance between dryness and sweetness, making it dangerously easy to drink.

Made with sake as its base and the yuzu fruit used is grown in a farm near the brewery in Tochigi prefecture. After peeling the skins off by hand, the yuzu flavour is made from the fruit's pulp and juice.

Ingredients: Sake, Yuzu pulp and juice, sugar.



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