Telmo Rodriguez Mountain Blanco Sierras De Malaga 2014

An exceptionally rare wine.
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Notes: Pineapple


Dryness: Very Dry

Acidity: Medium +

Tannin: Light

Alcohol (%):

Origin: La Rioja, Spain

Maker: Telmo Rodriguez


  • Muscat

Fermentation: Steel Only



Asian Food Pairing: ORH-LUA (oyster omelette)

Western Food Pairing: Spanish Omelette


"Sugar.. yes please. Won't you come and put it down on me~~"

Telmo Rodriguez's Mountain blanco - an exceptionally rare wine located in the rural hills north of Malaga in southern Spain made from very old bush vine vineyards. A dry and fresh finish wine made from the moscatel grape. A very ripe tropical fruit flavour on the nose and palate.
Pale gold in colour, the nose reveals notes of peach and bay leaf with just a whisper of candied pineapple. Crisp and  fresh with good acidity and the tell-tale weightiness for which Moscatel is renowned. The sugar is restrained which gives the wine lift. Telmo Rodriguez has harnessed the fruit of Malagas bush vines with great skill in order to produce a wine for us to enjoy and of which he can be proud.

Mala.. what?

The Sierras de Malaga are located to the north of Malaga on the Southern coast of Spain. In the mountains where the vineyards are up to 1000m above sea level it is much cooler thus allowing the grapes to mature slowly and evenly.

The grapes are hand picked then gently pressed before fermented in stainless steel tanks. Using only wild yeasts naturally present on the grapes. The wine is aged for a further 9 months before bottling. With a very small production of less than 9,000 bottles!