Yamadashouten Tamakashiwa Mukashi No Manma Tokubetsu Junmai

Traditional sake that will convert sake skeptics
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Notes: Clove Tangerine Orange blossom

Body: Medium

Dryness: Dry

Alcohol (%): 15

Origin: , Japan

Maker: Yamada Shoten

Rice: 100% Hidahomare

Polish: 55



Serving Temperature: Best served chilled at 10°C or warmed to 50–55°C

Food Pairing: Japanese-style grilled fish and meat skewers, miso-marinated fish

Grilled salmon, cream pastas, cheese


Tamakashiwa Mukashi No Manma Tokubetsu Junmai

Tamakashiwa Mukashi No Manma Tokubetsu Junmai is designed to match everyday foods and flavours. A savoury and rustic sake that has a clean and delightful character. The palate has a rounded complexity from ageing and a creamy texture that will convert sake skeptics. Dry and earthy taste as notes of dried tangerine peels, orange blossoms and cloves mingle.

Fun Fact: The current owner's grandparents are featured on the label in honor of the traditional practices used to create the sake. "Mukashi No Manma" translates to "Nothing has changed since the beginning" or "Unchanged by time".

    From a very traditional and micro producer (Yamada Shoten) in the Gifu prefecture of central Japan. Made using traditional practices and pasteurised twice. Uses pure Hidahomare (Gifu) sake rice with 55% Ginjo level polishing. Aged for 1 year.

    Additional Information:

      • Sake type: Tokubetsu Junmai
      • Acidity: 1.7

      • Sake Meter Value: +4


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