Takara Shochikubai Shirakabegura Junmai Daiginjo

Versatile and robust.
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Dryness: Sweet

Alcohol (%):

Origin: Hyogo Prefecture, Japan

Maker: Takara Sake





Serving Temperature:

Food Pairing: Sashimi, sundubu jjigae

Mushroom quiche, seared scallops


Takara Sho Chiku Bai Shirakabegura Junmai Daiginjo

Takara Sho Chiku Bai Shirakabegura Junmai Daiginjo has a full body with a hint of sweetness and a smooth, velvety feel in the mouth. It is clear and bright in the glass and has aromas of pear, melon, banana and petrichor. On the palate, the flavours of vanilla, melon and white mushroom is further enhanced by the hint of sweetness.
The pinnacle of sake production, this junmai daiginjo is made using only the best Yamadanishiki sake rice carefully milled to 45% of its original size, resulting in a wealth of fruity aromas and unrivaled depth that spreads slowly and pleasantly through the mouth, making each sip as enjoyable as the next.
If you prefer wine that isn't too sweet but still has a fruity flavor, this lovely Junmai Daiginjo may be right up your alley. Unlike regular daiginjo sake, this unique sake has a slightly different flavor depending on whether you drink it warm or cold. That versatility makes it a fun addition to any meal. Even though this is traditionally drunk chilled, this junmai daiginjo can also be warmed, which helps to retain its balance and heightened creaminess, and gaining a stronger umami profile. Savory notes of rice, cream of wheat, and ripe banana also emerge.
Additional Information:

  • Grade: Junmai Daiginjo

  • Rice: 100% Yamadanishiki

  • Polish rate: 45%

  • ABV: 15.5%

  • SMV: +/- 0

  • Acidity: 1.5

Daiginjo is made from rice that has been highly polished. This rice then combined with a special yeast to produce the clean, fruity aromas and falvours. Shirakabeugura Jumai Daiginjo is made with Yamadanishiki rice from Hyogo Perfecture, the region from which the varietal originates. Known as the “king of sake rice”, Yamadanishiki is prized for the high degree to which it can be polished in order to reach the delicate range of starchy quality crucial for Daiginjo sake that is well-blended, fragrance and complex.

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