Takara Shochikubai Gold Leaf Tokubetsu Junmai

Shimmering gold flakes = gift or celebration time!
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Takara Gold Leaf Tokubetsu Junmai  

Takakara Tokubetsu Junmai with Gold Leaf highlights is a premium Sho Chiku Bai. The sake's shimmering gold flakes make it the perfect gift for any kind of celebration. 

Served warm, this sake offers aromas of buckwheat, spice, damp wood and briny hot water. Rich umami flavours with dried mushrooms, spice and dashi prevailing. As the sake cools, the flavour evolves towards a wheat toast, melon and salted Asian pear profile.

Served chilled, the aromas and flavours are less intense, allowing a different character to emerge. The nose fills with vanilla custard, toasted rice, hazelnut and fresh dough notes. Long-lasting flavours of buttermilk, tangy wheat bread, salted brown pear and savoury herbs overlay a subtle fruit profile. 

This Tokubetsu Junmai is made purely with the highly sought after Gohyakumangoku sake rice. The rice is polished to 60% of its original size. 

Additional Information:

  • Grade: Tokubetsu Junmai
  • Acidity: 1.6
  • Sake Meter Value: +2