Stranger & Sons Gin

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Stranger & Sons Gin

“The key to making a great gin is sourcing good botanicals, and we have the most exotic botanicals available in the local markets and household kitchen of India.” — Sakshi Saigal, Third Eye Distillery co-founder.
Opens with a bold and aromatic citrus character, followed by warming sweet liquorice and a persistent spicy undertone. The palate features a big dose of juniper with notes of warm pepper, nutmeg and Gondhoraj limes. The finish is a peppery cinnamon that warms and lingers beautifully. Exotic, fresh and vibrant.
Distilled in Goa, India, by a trio who are committed to creating a great gin from local exotic botanicals. The variety of botanicals in this gin include home-grown black pepper, citrus peels, coriander, liquorice, nutmeg, mace, cassia bark, and plenty of juniper. This gin uses a mix of four different kinds of citrus peels, led by Gondhoraj limes. Stranger & Sons Gin is made in an iStill, a one-shot process that sees the citrus peels get the longest maceration. Next is the addition of juniper, pepper, coriander and nutmeg. The cassia, mace and liquorice go in last since these spices only require a light touch.
Fun fact: Gondhoraj limes are a citrus from Kolkata (Calcutta) that tastes like a cross between lime and mandarin orange.



Bold, bright citrus flavours stand out on the nose, supported by floral notes and hints of earth spice and sweetness. Harmonious and intense on the palate with extraordinary refinement. Producing a delectable, long spicy finish.