Schuchmann Vinoterra Kisi 2018

Kisi me under milky twilight.
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NOTES: Licorice Apple / Pear Peach Orange / Mandarin Floral

BODY: Medium +


ACIDITY: Medium +

TANNIN: Medium -


ORIGIN: Kakheti, Georgia

MAKER: Schuchmann


  • Kisi

FERMENTATION: Biodynamic Steel Only



ASIAN FOOD PAIRING: tempura, fried chicken

WESTERN FOOD PAIRING: seafood risotto, oyster


Schuchmann Vinoterra Kisi 2018

Schuchmann Vinoterra Kisi is a white dry wine that offers light floral and peach aromas. This palate is well-balanced with a slight spice and notes of citrus and honey. This bottle of white is somewhat tannic and has sufficient acidity that gives it a crisp and fresh note. The finish is long, with apple skin and tea flavors and a tea-like tannic quality.

Kisi grapes are hand-picked, hand-selected and sorted before crushing. Wine is fermented according to the ancient traditional method using Qvevri (amphora wine) and 6 months of maceration on skin and seeds. Qvevri is a key authentic instrument in making Kakhetian wine (aka Amber or Orange wine) wine. The main advantage of making wine in the qvevri buried in a underground marani (winecellar) is that the temperature of storing wine is almost unchanged from winter to summer.

In Kakheti close to Telavi at the foot of the great Caucasus one can find one of the oldest and best wine-growing regions in the world. Scientists believe that wine production in Georgia is more than 7.000 years old and that the grape varieties grown in Western Europe nowadays actually origin from Georgia and were taken from there by the Romans more than 2.000 years ago.