Sartori Prosecco Brut "Erfo" DOC NV

A true gift for when you are faced with the dilemma of celebrations on a budget.
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Notes: Hawthorn Apple / Pear Peach Lemon / Lime Chamomile, Rose, Acacia


Dryness: Very Dry

Acidity: High

Tannin: Light

Alcohol (%):

Origin: Veneto, Italy

Maker: Sartori


  • Glera

Fermentation: Steel Only



Asian Food Pairing: papaya salad, stuffed Teriyaki mushroom, sushi

Western Food Pairing: Proscuitto burrata salad, nuts, asiago cheese, sunday brunch


Sartori Prosecco BRUT "Erfo" DOC NV

The Sartori prosecco is a true gift for when you are faced with the dilemma of celebrations on a budget. Straw yellow in colour with light-green hues. Delicate fruit bouquet, reminiscent of wild apples and acacia flowers. Dry, with subtle fruit and nut flavours. Fresh citrus and floral notes linger on the finish. Sheer drinkability.
Fantastically packaged and a joy to drink, this prosecco is a little drier than most, which gives it the 'Brut' rather than the 'Extra Dry' (which isn't actually very dry at all) label. A perfect base for all kinds of refreshing cocktails - from the classic Bellini, a variety of Fizz' or serve with Aperol or Limoncello for an authentic taste of Italy.

Sartori grow their ‘glera’ grapes for this prosecco in the alluvial, calcareous clays (try repeating those three words in quick succession) of Treviso and process them in the Charmat method (Here's a link for the wine nerds). Did you know that Prosecco is the only region that has as grape named after it? Or was it the other way round... well, here's fun fact number two anyway. Also, the prosecco grape is known as glera! So don't glera't me if I got anything wrong here, I'm too busy busting out the bellissimo bubbles!

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