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Ron Quorhum QRM 23 Year Rum

A modern take on traditional Cuban Rum
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Ron Quorhum QRM 23 Year Rum

Ron Quorhum is a modern Premium Rums series, celebrated as innovative, but with roots in old Cuban production traditions. In this series of Rum you have used Rum distilled on a base of sugar rose juice and molasses. In addition, two types of oak trees have also been used during storage process, including American oak and French oak. One can in this way say that the Spanish Rum Tradition meets the French and has created a hybrid, but the unmatched fullness and complexity.

It is in this quorhum that it is most evident that Quorhum Rum is made on distillates of Guarapo, both in scent and in taste, the cane can clearly, with a scent of green grass and a vinous taste of Rosin and Citrus. These natural and fresh flavors are finely balanced with a deep taste of oak dishes and spices, like cinnamon and nellike. An elegant and superior Rum that you can continue to discover new shades in.