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Plantation Rhum Ambre Pineapple

Each vintage of this rum requires 1 ton of Queen Victoria pineapple hand-peeled at Maison Ferrand.
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Plantation Rhum Ambre Pineapple

Plantation rum is a company born from the will of Alexandre Gabriel to arouse beautiful emotions because for him a great spirit "it is above all the sharing of a strong emotion". This enthusiast was particularly interested in the development of rums when he sought to sell old barrels of Cognac in the Caribbean. Seduced by the many expressions of terroir that express themselves through rums, he decided to import his know-how in barrel aging that he keeps Cognac. By this he means to optimize ripening to give pride of place to rums of terroir that he sometimes judged to be damaged by aging too coarse - oh yes, I did not say it but A. Gabriel is a born perfectionist :). He therefore created Plantation to carry out his project and subsequently, his commitment will push him to invest also in the production of rum with the purchase of distilleries and investments in production companies. A character with a vibrant and communicative passion that is reflected in his rums and hoisted Plantation rum allowed the largest French bottlers.

This Rum Pineapple rum from Plantation Rum is a great classic of the house, elaborated in collaboration with a historian of spirits, David Wondrich. The title of this rum is inspired by history since the "Pineapple rum" was one of the most expensive products of England in the nineteenth century, a flagship product that has fallen into oblivion until that he stings of curiosity of Alexander Gabriel.

This rum Pineapple was elaborated according to the vestiges of the ancient recipes of this mysterious product, embellished with a few revisits by Plantation. Each vintage of this rum requires 1 ton of Queen Victoria pineapple hand-peeled at Maison Ferrand. The barks (where are concentrated a large number of aromatic molecules) are then put to infuse molasses juice 1 week and the juices are distilled still pot still. In parallel, the chairs of pineapples are infused in the Plantation Original Dark Rum for 3 months. These 2 eaux-de-vie are then assembled in barrels and are aged 3 months. A result that lives up to our expectations!