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Origin: Schiedam, Netherlands

Maker: MUYU


Fermentation: Natural



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MUYU Jasmine Verte

MUYU Jasmine Verte is a modern liqueur designed to be enjoyed as a highball with champagne. Inspired by blooming jasmine flowers in the Amazon rainforest, Monica Berg created Jasmine Verte using responsibly sourced ingredients and environmentally friendly techniques. 

Opens with the distinct, lush and sensual scent of jasmine. This floral and fresh entrance blends with notes of Neroli, is given depth by Patchouli, extra freshness with Yuzu, all over an Iris base. 

The jasmine is extracted through enfleurage, where it is steeped in fat, the flowers are removed and the fat is then mixed with alcohol and distilled again, capturing the most delicate notes of the flower.

24% | 500 ml

MUYU Vetiver Gris 

MUYU Vetiver Gris is designed to be enjoyed as a highball with grapefruit soda. Alex Kratena created its composition based on the alchemy of wood.

An earthy, woody and mystical liqueur. Opens with an earthy, leathery base of Vetiver before freshening up with grapefruit notes and the vivacity of Timur. Expands to include layers of minty Patchouli, sweet Petit Grains and spicy Cedarwood.

 Inspired by the Amazon Rainforest, Muyu uses responsibly sourced ingredients and environmentally friendly techniques.

22% | 500 ml