A beautifully complex aperif pairing
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What started with a visit to MURI's brewery ended in a friendship and collaboration with the Restaurant Kadeau team to create a special aperitif. Over a series of meetings they developed a blend with aromatic pine aromas, heady floral notes and a rich buttery mouthfeel. A blend of red gooseberry wine washed in rose butter, Kadeau’s pickled pine cones, flowering currant, and smoked blackberry leaf kefir. Named after the beautiful forest in Bornholm where Kadeau collect the cones, they call it Paradisbakkerne

Lots of floral flavours including flowering currant, rose and coriander. A hint of smoke - a classic part of Kadeau. The blend has that beautiful pine aroma with heady floral notes and a rich buttery mouthfeel.

About Muri

Murray Paterson founded Muri in 2020 after working as a distiller at the groundbreaking Empirical Spirits distillery in Denmark. Ioakeim Goulidis then joined after a spell at the Noma Fermentation Laboratory.

Muri is inspired by the gastronomic community in Copenhagen, particularly the city’s expertise in fermentation. They use culinary techniques and unusual ingredients to create nolo blends with real craft and story. They are obsessed by flavour development and changing perceptions around the No & Low category. They are devoted to quality which is why they work with small-scale farmers and forage botanicals in nearby Danish forests. By using flavours and techniques connected to a culinary sphere, their drinks are an ideal companion to a plate of food. A progressive take on the traditional wine pairing, we say.