Momento Mori Hazeldean Forest Farm Organic Apple Cider 2020

The best apple cider you can get your hands on.
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Momento Mori Hazeldean Forest Farm Organic Apple Cider 2020

The aim was to make the most transparent cider possible. One that would first and foremost let the fruit and complexity of the many varieties shine through. The approach for the Momento Mori Organic Apple Cider was the same as winemaking - very much with hands off, but very much with eyes on, keeping a very close watch over the fermentation throughout.

The apples were crushed and then pressed and the juice was rough filtered using diatomaceous earth. This was done to make a clean cider using the méthode Rurale process which would mean not disgorging the bottles after bottle ferment. Fermentation was using the native wild yeasts and was entirely in stainless steel. The cider was then bottled while still active to complete fermentation in heavyweight champagne bottles. They are sealed under a high-grade premium champagne cork and wire cage. There was nothing added to this cider at any stage, including no sulphur dioxide and no dosage.
Style wise this is in the same vain as the ciders of Eric Bordelet or Jacques Perritaz of Cidrerie du Vulcain. It is fine boned and transparent whilst having a nuance of delicate layers of the multitude of various apple varieties.

It is complex, refreshing and clean and has very well-balanced acidity. It will also develop well to become more complex over the next couple of years or so. The team was happy with how this project turned out to and having the opportunity to showcase such a wonderful farm and its fruits.

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