La Chouffe

  • $45.00


La Chouffe

Awaken the gnome inside you with La Chouffe! La Chouffe has won over beer lovers from all over the world down the years and is now the go-to Belgian saison for many beer-lovers. And it's no wonder when you give it a try.
The colour of the sun. Citrus aromas waft from the glass with a refreshing hint of coriander and pleasant spicy note soon following. Medium-bodied with a lovely lightness, unique fruit and spice palate, and slightly hoppy taste.

  • Serving temperature: 5–6°C
  • Pairs well with: Pan-fried veal burger, mussels and fries, broccoli, asparagus, Salmon (smoked), or seasoned sushis.

The gnomes of the Valley of the Fairies discovered the secret of making this golden beer in an old grimoire. With its slightly hoppy taste, fresh coriander notes and fruity accents, La Chouffe would appear to be the brew that accounts for their joie de vivre. At least that's what these mischievous imps tell us every time they want to quench their thirst. Among the legends of this wonderful region of the Belgian Ardennes, La Chouffe is the one that deserves to be the most widely shared.


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