Kavaklidere Sade Okuzgozu 2018

Reveals the aromatic character of the Eastern Anatolian grape “Öküzgözü”.
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Primary Notes: Plum, Black Cherry Raspberry, Pomegranate Clove, Cardamom

Secondary Notes:

Tertiary Notes: Dried Fruit


Dryness: Sweet

Acidity: Medium

Tannin: Medium -

Alcohol (%):

Origin: Ankara, Turkey

Maker: Kavaklidere

Grape: Okuzgozu

Fermentation: Steel Only



Serving Temperature: Best enjoyed at 16-18 Degrees

Asian Food Pairing: Shisamo, Satay, Phad Thai

Western Food Pairing: Cured meat, pizza pepperoni, proscuitto


Kavaklidere Sade Okuzgozu

Sade Öküzgözü is the young quality red wine that has been sealed by screw cap for the first time in Turkey. This red wine with its renewed bottle, revealing the aromatic character of the Eastern Anatolian grape “Öküzgözü”, is a delicious and soft wine on the palate.
Bright fuchsia in colour, the wine is intense on the nose with red fruit aromas; cherry and plum. Very fruity, lively and well balanced with soft tannins. 

Öküzgözü grapes?!

This precious grape originated in the provinces of Elazığ and Malatya. The grape, which ripens from the mid of September to mid-October, has black colour and large berries. Öküzgözü was used for wine making and as a table grape by Armenians for thousands of years.
Wines produced from these grapes have soft tannins, high acidity, good balance, richness and elegance. They reveal red fruits aromas (cherry, sour cherry, jam), black mulberry and earthy aromas. Both young and ageable wines can be produced from Öküzgözü. This grape is suitable for oak maturation.
After experimentations and researches that began in 1995, the potential for quality that Öküzgözü wines possessed was realized and in 1999 Kavaklıdere produced its varietal wine, Prestige Öküzgözü. Kavaklıdere Winery has made this indigenous Anatolian grape its own and continues with its efforts to improve the quality and increase its production. Öküzgözü grapes are grown in Kavaklıdere’s Elazığ, Aegean-Pendore and Cappadocia-Gülşehir vineyards.
Sade Öküzgözü is the first quality wine to be marketed in a screw-cap bottle in Turkey.
Primeur Red: released on the market each year on the 3rd Thursday in November
Tatlı Sert Red: Turkey’s first liqueur wine made with the port method and Ancyra Öküzgözü are varietal wines produced solely from the Öküzgözü grape are put on sale.
Öküzgözü grapes are also used in the blend of Selection Öküzgözü-Boğazkere and Yakut wines.