Jurtschitsch Kreuzbichl Red 2015

Cherry is the ying, pepper the yang.
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Primary Notes: Plum Raspberry, Cherries Pepper, Licorice

Secondary Notes:

Tertiary Notes: Chocolate

Body: Medium -

Dryness: Neutral



Alcohol (%):

Origin: Kamptal, Austria

Maker: Jurtschitsch

Grape: Zweigelt

Fermentation: Biodynamic Steel Only



Serving Temperature: Best enjoyed at 16 degrees

Asian Food Pairing: Roast porks, Peking duck, Grilled stingray

Western Food Pairing: BBQ crayfish, chicken Caesar salad, Mushroom ravioli


Jurtschitsch Kreuzbichl Red 2015

Hailing from Austria Kamptal. This red is a blend of 90% Zweigelt, 10% Blaufränkisch.
Cherry is the ying, pepper the yang in the nose and they open the way for plenty of fresh fruit on the palate. Despite all its fruit, this wine doesn't lack a subtle earthiness. The texture is compact, firm and smooth; the structure balanced and streamlined with fine-grained tannin and elegant acidity.
This is a tribute to the two great classics of Austrian red wine culture. Zweigelt certainly sets the bar with a 90% share of the blend. However the influential Blaufränkisch still retains eminent significance at 10% and contributes to complexity and spice. Not all wines require years to reach their optimal peak for enjoyment and you don't have to wait an eternity for this one. Fermentation temperatures were kept cool to highlight the fresh fruit character. The wine was matured in large wooden casks at a temperature that remains 11°C (52°F) - day in, day out, throughout the year in our natural underground cellar.
Zweigelt is one of few unique reds that can be paired well with seafood, especially shellfish. Poultry and grilled vegetables as well. A pretty versatile grape, good for simple dinners. As described by Larry Colbeck,

    • Zweigelt is best served with a slight chill to help focus the acidity. This slight chill, with the bottle sitting in a bucket of ice next to you, is the perfect image of summertime relaxation.

    • The brightness inherent in these wines are a perfect counter to the richness and fat of many grilled foods — it cuts richness like a sharp knife. Conversely, with a salad and a small cut of lean meat, it handles itself with respect and never overpowers the food. Is this the ultimate pairing wine? In this case, yes.

    • Zweigelt allows you to bring something new to the next neighborhood barbecue. People will ask what it is, especially after tasting it and realizing just how much they love it.

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