Harahorn Pink Gin

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Harahorn Pink Gin

A taste of Norway with a dash of folklore and a splash of pink. The beautiful pink hue of this small batch craft gin possesses appealing aromas of juniper, raspberry and fresh citrus with floral undertones. On the palate, juicy raspberry is supported by refreshing lemon juice and a wave of coriander. Each sip of this delectable gin finishes with sour berries and a good touch of peppery juniper.
Harahorn is a real craft gin. Named after a mountain in the valley of Hemsedal, Norway and inspired by the fable of a horned hare. In North American folklore this creature is known as Jackalope; in Norway its known as the Harahorn. For many centuries, hunters and mountain men have sworn to have spotted the mythical horned hare, but no one has succeeded in catching it yet.
The beautiful Harahorn Pink Gin is made with only the clearest water from the mountains, as well as herbs and berries from Norwegian land and sea. The classic Harahorn Gin contains i.a. juniper berries from Røros, blueberries from Nordmarka, rhubarb from Grimstad, seaweed from the Skagerrak, watercress from Oppdal and rock mint from Sunndal. After distilling Det Norske Brenneri's classic Harahorn Gin, the extracts of premium raspberries and freshly squeezed lemon juice are added to create Harahorn Pink Gin. The flavours of raspberries and lemon are delicately preserved as they're an important part of its taste profile. To gain complete control over the quality of this small batch Gin, only 300 litres are produced at a time.

Top Tip: Think of the raspberry and lemon flavours as part of the mixer and reduce the amount of tonic you add to your mix. We recommend reducing the amount of tonic you add by about 15-20% compared to a classic GT. Do not forget to use plenty of ice!