Tochigi Hokkoujigouriki Junmai Ginjo

Medium dry sake. A taste oriented sake with a modest aroma.
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Junmai Ginjo-shu is a sake that is made with Gouriki (強力) rice, a valuable variety of rice that was once on the brink of extinction. Gouriki (強力) is a rice breed that was mainly cultivated in Tottori Prefecture, but it almost vanished because of the difficulty in growing it. Nevertheless, the Gouriki (強力) rice breed was revived using only five seeds through significant efforts in organic cultivation.

Gourikimai (強力米), the mystic breed of rice that was cultivated in prewar japan
Gouriki (強力) rice was dubbed mystic rice because cultivation proved problematic in postwar japan. Fortunately, it was successfully resurrected from near extinction in Tottori prefecture. The mayor of Awano town (粟野町), a town located northwest to Oyama city and now part of Kanuma city (鹿沼市), learned of the existence of Gourikimai while performing a Shinto rite of Gouhanshiki (強飯式) in the Hokkouji area (発光路地区). He visited Tottori prefecture, the source of gouriki rice, acquired five gouriki rice seeds and began cultivating Gourikimai. Neither Awano town nor Kanuma city have a brewing company.