Gekkeikan Kirei Umeshu with Collagen

When you can't decide between alcohol or collagen drink.
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Gekkeikan Kirei Umeshu with Collagen

Gekkeikan Kirei Umeshu Plum Liqueur (made from Japanese plum) has a light and natural taste of plum. This umeshu is made from a combination of 100% Japan-grown ume plums, pure fushimizu water, and added collagen to aid in skin health. Our body produces decreasing amounts of collagen as its ages, drinking collagen can help keep our skin youthful, even as our body's natural supply diminishes. Collagen is lost each day, but can be replenish by drinking Kirei-Umeshu infused with 3000mg of collagen. The fascinating design of the packaging is selected and shortlisted by ladies in Japan.

Umeshu is made by steeping Japanese ume plums in alcohol and sugar allowing the flavours to diffuse. The resulting alcohol has a strong, mostly sweet flavour with just a hint of complementing acidity. Although delicious drunk just by itself, those who enjoy a milder tasting drink can always add a little soda water or another mixer.

Can't decide between having some alcohol or collagen at the end of a rough day? This is the perfect bottle to get some alcohol kicking in your blood and collagen plumping up your skin.