Fukugao Whiskey Barrel Aged Sake

Highly recommended for Gin or Whisky Drinkers.
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Dryness: Very Dry

Alcohol (%):

Origin: Niigata, Japan

Maker: Fukugao





Serving Temperature: Best enjoyed at 8 degrees

Food Pairing: Yakitori, Teriyaki Wagyu

Roast meat, cheese platter, smoked salmon bites


Fukugao Whiskey Barrel Aged Sake

Brewed with Koshitanrei rice. Refreshing in the nose, soft syrupy and tangy in the palate. The maturation in an Oak Whisky Barrel imparts a fruity acidity with a round and unique flavor experience, reminiscent of dark chocolate and cappuccino. This sake combines the rich notes and deep taste of whisky with the flavor of sake to produce an unprecedented taste that is best enjoyed either chilled or on the rocks.
Japanese Sake that is stored in whiskey barrels, as its name suggests, take a rich aroma and deep flavor from the aged barrel. The combination of Japanese sake with subtle thin of oak from the whiskey barrel brings together an unprecedented flavor to form a new sake.
Enjoy it chilled and straight or on the rocks, just like a whiskey. Recommended for Gin/Whiskey Drinkers.

720ml | +12.0 | PR: 55%