Fruktrocket Röd

A wild berry beer with a darker rye base and deeper red aromas
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60% rye wort, 30% The Fruit Pet-Nat Formerly Known As Cider, and 10% rondo grapes

A wild berry beer with a darker rye base and deeper red aromas. The rye has brown notes of grain and bread, a velvety mouthfeel; the frukt part is a grape and berry macerated cider; it also contains fermented apple juice and red wine barrel aged on old oak.

About Fruktstereo

Karl Sjöström and Mikael Nypelius are the masterminds behind the incredible mini cosmos known as Fruktstereo, which has been one of Sweden’s most forward thinking agricultural projects in the past 10 years. Here, multifruit fermentations take centre stage, and the idea of creating delicious beverages working across a range of different raw materials is the focus.

FRUKTROCKET aims to create innovative and unique drinks that merge the qualities of cider, beer, and wine. Through a collaborative effort between Fruktstereo and Rocket Brewing, they co-ferment drinks by brewing the wort at Rocket and fermenting it in Fruktstereo's winery with the addition of fruit juice, berries, or grapes from their own production or trusted friends. The process has no restrictions or predetermined guidelines, allowing for the pursuit of bold and delightful flavors.