Freixenet Prosecco DOC 2021

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Primary Notes: Apple / Pear Orange / Mandarin Floral

Secondary Notes:

Tertiary Notes:

Body: Medium -

Dryness: Neutral

Acidity: Medium +

Tannin: Light

Alcohol (%):

Origin: Veneto, Italy

Maker: Freixenet

Grape: Glera

Fermentation: Steel Only



Serving Temperature: Best enjoyed between 8 - 10 degrees

Asian Food Pairing: jelly fish salad, korean pancakes

Western Food Pairing: Oysters, Canapé


Freixenet Prosecco DOC

Presented in a striking cut-glass bottle, Freixenet Prosecco blends superior quality with stunning beauty. Using its extensive sparkling winemaking expertise, Freixenet has created a stand-out, high-quality and stylish wine that is perfect for any occasion. Made from the finest Glera grapes in Italy’s Prosecco region of Veneto, this bottle of Prosecco is distinctive and delicious. Glimmering with golden light and served in a breathtakingly unique bottle, it is fresh and finely effervescent, with the aromas of flowers, citrus and apple. It is delicate and refreshing, an absolute delight for the palate. This prosecco has a light body with salivating acidity followed by a crisp and refreshing finish. Wishing for a little more sparkle in your life? Just “Pop the Pro”!

The aromas and freshness of its grapes are preserved thanks to a first slow cooled fermentation. The second fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks pressurized at controlled temperature. This wine is ideal for drinking now but can be kept for up to 1 year.

Top tips: Excellent as an aperitif, and for any special occasions and celebrations. Also an excellent choice when mixing champagne cocktails.

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