FitaPreta A Laranja Mecanica 2019

The Clockwork Orange of the wine world
Arinto, Roupeiro (Síria), Godello (Verdelho, Gouveio), Antão Vaz, Alicante Branco, Tamarez (Trincadeira das Pratas), and Fernao Pires
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Notes: Quince Orange

Body: Medium +

Dryness: Dry

Acidity: Medium

Tannin: Light

Alcohol (%): 12.5

Origin: Alentejo, Portugal

Maker: FritaPreta


  • Arinto
  • Roupeiro (Síria)
  • Godello (Verdelho, Gouveio)
  • Antão Vaz
  • Alicante Branco
  • Tamarez (Trincadeira das Pratas)
  • Fernao Pires

Fermentation: Steel only


Decanting: No

Asian Food Pairing: Chinese root vegetable soup, Chinese stir-fried pork and celery, Vietnamese crispy spring rolls

Western Food Pairing: Foie gras, pork terrines, truffle and mushroom pasta


FitaPreta A Laranja Mecanica 2019

FitaPreta A Laranja Mecanica is FitaPreta's "Clockwork Orange", as life sometimes applies excruciating pressure that we only try to bear. Honey orange colour. Opens with an exuberant candied orange and quince nose. Full attack in the mouth with super texture in the mid-palate. A fresh and greedy wine.


Blend of Arinto, Roupeiro, Verdelho, Antão Vaz, Alicante Branco, Trincadeira-das-Pratas and Fernão Pires. The fruit comes from various origins. The grapes bought by FitaPreta are premium grapes from carefully selected vineyards, owned by good grape growers all over the Alentejo region, and are managed by FitaPreta's viticulture team. 

After the first pressing, the grapes go through a week long maceration for about a week with 10–15% of the left over juice. Then the masses go through another pressing and the juice released is decanted cold with spontaneous fermentation. No sulphurs added until the end of fermentation. Complete spontaneous malolactic fermentation, stabilisation with bentonite, no filtration.