Feudi Salentini 125 Uno Due Cinque Malvasia Nera del Salento 2017

A great addition to complete any meal.
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Notes: Raspberry, Cherries, Pomegranate Vanilla Leather

Body: Medium +

Dryness: Dry

Acidity: Medium -

Tannin: Medium -

Alcohol (%):

Origin: Puglia, Italy

Maker: Feudi Salentini


Fermentation: Slight Wood



Asian Food Pairing: Omurice, sweet & sour pork

Western Food Pairing: Pasta, pizza


Feudi Salentini 125 Uno Due Cinque Malvasia Nera del Salento 2017

Feudi Salentini 125 Malvasia Nera del Salento is a red wine with intense purple hues. It is bursting with fruity notes of pomegranate and raspberries with hints of leather and vanilla. It is fresh and balanced on the palate with smooth tannins. Lush and bold flavours and very easy to drink with plenty of fruity aftertaste. A versatile, everyday red that goes well with everyday delicacies like pasta, pizza, omurice and sweet & sour pork. Definitely a great addition to complete any meal.

100% Malvasia Nera. Vinification by maceration with controlled temperature at 24°- 28°C. After malolactic fermentation, part of it refines in French tonneau at least for 3 months before bottling.
Malvasia Nera is a dark-skinned variety within the Malvasia grape family and it is used for the production of red wines, it can produce dry, sparkling and sweet wines and also passiti and rosé wines and is widely used in blends rather than being used to produce a varietal wine. The grape is cultivated across Italy but Piedmont is the best-known region for producing varietal Malvasia Nera wines whilst in Apulia, Malvasia Nera is blended with Negroamaro. The Malvasia Nera grape produces wines that are light to medium-bodied with notes of cherries, plums and chocolate.

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