Feudi Salentini 125 Uno Due Cinque Malvasia Bianco del Salento 2020

Ancient grape in a modern wine.
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Notes: Apple / Pear Apricot Floral

Body: Medium +

Dryness: Neutral

Acidity: Medium -

Tannin: Light

Alcohol (%):

Origin: Puglia, Italy

Maker: Feudi Salentini


  • Malvasia

Fermentation: Steel Only

Awards: >85 pts


Asian Food Pairing: grilled fish, seared prawns

Western Food Pairing: shellfish, cheese


Feudi Salentini 125 Uno Due Cinque Malvasia Bianco del Salento 2020

Feudi Salentini 125 Malvasia Bianco has an intense straw-yellow colour with golden hints and it originates from the combination between the Apulian sun and White Malvasia del Salento grapes. Its bouquet is aromatic and fruity with a freshness tinge. It is well-balanced and denotes harmonious and delicate flavours that are persistent. It perfectly matches with fish, shellfish and cheese. Ideal with salads, too.

100% Malvasia Nera. Vinification by 24 hours of maceration and soft pressing before it undergoes fermentation under controlled temperature at 14°C. It is then further refined in stainless steel.
Malvasia is an ancient family of grapes that includes a diverse collection of noble varieties. These grapes are capable of producing wine of any feasible color in dry, sparkling and sweet styles. Malvasia Bianco tends to be a deeply coloured, quite alcoholic wine which can oxidise easily but has an intensely nutty character, sometimes with fruity and floral notes. Believed to be of Greek origin, the Malvasia family has been commercially important to the Mediterranean for more than 2000 years. Malvasia is commonly used in Italy for table wines and you can definitely taste the Italy in this one.

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