The latest superhero(ine): ciders that fight food waste
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Origin: Copenhagen, Denmark

Maker: Decideret




Decanting: No

Serving Temperature: Best served between 8–10°C

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Decideret Spontan 2020 + 2021

Decideret Spontan 2020 + 2021 is a highly energetic Brut Nature Rosé. Drink it like a sparkling Northern Syrah. Smells like Ribena on the nose but with high acidity.

Made with garden apples from Fyn and blackcurrants from Jutland. Decideret tackles food waste by making additive-free, naturally-fermented ciders from the apples that fall in back gardens across Denmark in autumn and are usually ignored.

3 weeks of semi-carbonic maceration with the blackcurrants.

6% | 750 ml

Decideret  Gewürztraminer 2021

Decideret Gewürztraminer 2021 is a collaboration between Decideret, Du vin aux Liens and Sons of Wine. The nose opens with lots of tropical fruit and spice aromas. There's a bit of tannins on the palate that is balanced out by its quenchy acidity from the apples.

20% Gewürztraminer grapes from Alsace and 80% Rød Aroma apples from Fyn. The grapes were pressed after 12 days of maceration, producing an orange wine that was fermented separately. Rød Aroma were then macerated for 30 days with the grape skins. After blending the grapes and apples, the wine is bottled with a pinch of freshly pressed Holsteiner Cox apples.

Put it on the table with veggies.

7.5% | 750 ml

Decideret Who the Fuck Pears 2021

Decideret Who the Fuck Pears 2021 is a collaboration between Decideret and Vigmosegaard. The nose smells of pure pears and on the palate it has the perfect balance between sweetness (from Williams pears) and freshness (from Doyenne pears). 

A fruit Pét-Nat from Williams and Doyenne Pears (67 %) and Bramley Apples (33 %). The fruit comes from Lilleø, primarily from Claus Meyerʼs orchard Vigmosegaard. The terroir at Lilleø (meaning “tiny island”) is ideal for growing fruit. A mild climate with few days of rain, lots of lights and minerals in the ground.

6.5% | 750 ml

Decideret Overdrevet 2021

Decideret Overdrevet 2021 drinks like a light red wine. This purple coloured liquid exudes spices on the nose. Juicy on the palate with a bright acidity and black pepper accents.

For this collaboration, Mathias and Melissa from Weirdloose OVerdreive brought all their pressed red grape skins of different cold climate varieties (Piwis) to Decideret. Decideret instantly added them to a tank to macerate with fermenting juice of Holsteiner Cox and Rød Aroma apples from Fyn.

Really glou-glou!

6.5% | 750 ml

Decideret Plumbastisk 2020+2021



Made from a mix of garden apples & Wild Opal Plums, this is a great match for shellfish! It has an almond nose, fresh sparkling apple acidity and aromatic sweetness from the plums. Made from surplus garden apples from Fyn with a maceration on Opal plums.

6.5% | 750 ml