Cousino Macul Varietals Chardonnay 2018

Cousiño Macul was one of the first Chilean vineyards to produce Chardonnay!
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Primary Notes: Apple / Pear Pineapple

Secondary Notes: Vanilla

Tertiary Notes:

Body: Medium

Dryness: Neutral



Alcohol (%):

Origin: Maipo Valley, Chile

Maker: Cousino Macul

Grape: Chardonnay

Fermentation: Biodynamic Steel Only



Serving Temperature:

Asian Food Pairing:

Western Food Pairing:



Cousiño Macul was one of the first Chilean vineyards to produce Chardonnay! The vines were originally established in Maipo valley, with cuttings brought from the region of Burgundy in France at the end of the XIX Century. As time went by, the vineyard defined two different styles of Chardonnay.

The Cousino Macul Varietals Chardonnay is light golden in color with bright steely notes. It has very delicate and elegant floral bouquet. On nose it displays tropical fruit aromas such as pineapple and passion fruit as well as green apple and elderflower. Open to a med-bodied and ripe palate that is bright, firm and rich with a long, smooth finish.


Season 2016-2017 had higher temperatures than average, which produced a faster ripening and earlier harvest. Its main characteristics were low yield, good health conditions and good quality of the fruit. The decision of harvesting earlier was key for this season and allowed the wines to achieve excellent quality, moderate acidity and expressive aromas. The fruit was harvested during the last days of March. The must was slowly fermented in small stainless steel tanks at 14-15°C (57-59 °F) during 20 days. Several strains of yeast were used to obtain varied and complex aromas during fermentation. Once the wine was dry, it matured in stainless steel tanks for three months, then clarified, stabilized at low temperatures and bottled.


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