Clos Triguedina Rosé 2019

Malbec Rosé S'il vous plaît
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Primary Notes: Plum, Blackberries, Black Cherry Raspberry, Pomegranate Pepper Clay

Secondary Notes:

Tertiary Notes: Coffee, Tobacco, Leather


Dryness: Dry

Acidity: Medium -


Alcohol (%):

Origin: Cahors, Occitanie, France

Maker: Clos Triguedina, Jean-Luc Baldès

Grape: Malbec

Fermentation: Organic Steel Only



Serving Temperature: Best enjoyed at 10 degrees

Asian Food Pairing: Yakitori vegetables, Fish soup, Shio Salmon

Western Food Pairing: Bruschetta, chicken salad, Fries, soft cheese


Clos Triguedina Rosé 2019

Clos Triguedina Rosé is a unique French Rosé, one we are proud to carry. This is a bottle of Rosé made of 100% Malbec! A vibrate pink, with aromas of lime zest, strawberries and notes of spices. It is a bottle of fruity Malbec that displays lively texture with a round and supple palate with an excellent fruity aftertates.

The climate of the vineyard is mainly influenced by the Atlantic Ocean, with hot summers and wet winters. The clayey-calcareous and siliceous soil of of the Cahors vineyard, produces exceptional grapes and wines. Harvest is done in the early morning with traditional methods of working with vines to preserve the freshness of the fruits.
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