Champagne Virginie T Cuvee 6 ans d'age NV

Best of both worlds (or harvest).
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Primary Notes: Apple / Pear

Secondary Notes:

Tertiary Notes:

Body: Full

Dryness: Very Dry


Tannin: Light

Alcohol (%):

Origin: Champagne, France

Maker: Champagne Virginie T

Grape: Pinot Noir / Pinot Nero Blend

Fermentation: Steel Only



Serving Temperature: Best enjoyed between 8 - 10 degrees

Asian Food Pairing: Buddha Jumps Over the Wall, Braised Sea Cucumber with Pork Belly

Western Food Pairing: Caviar, Lobster, Fois Gras, Tomme de brebis


Champagne Virginie T 6 ans d’age

Champagne Virginie T 6 ans d'age has a elegant pale gold colour with very fine effervescence. The Pinot Noir dominates with its powerful fruit aromas that brings out the softness and sweetness of this wine. The palate is lively and fresh, yet generous and soft. It has a full body with an exceptionally long finish.

This bottle is made from a blend of the best Chardonnays and 6 years of ageing in the cellar. This is the product of the mother and son duo with limited production of this cuvee (only 5000 bottles), and the astonishing
A blend of 70% Pinot Noir, 20% Chardonnay, 10% Pinot Meunier. The equilibrium and elegance are obtained by assembling the finest vintages of the two great years. Virginie Taittinger chose to combine the best grands Crus from the 2008 harvest, an outstanding vintage and 15% of reserve cube from the 2007 harvest.
The 6 years old Grande Cuvée, has been aged on the lees in our cellars for 6 years under perfect conditions in terms of temperature and humidity. It also benefits from being allowed to rest for a minimum of 6 months following conditioning in order to achieve perfect maturity.
Top tip: On the bottom of the back label of the bottle, the white thermochromic ink on the V becomes red when the ideal tasting temperature of 8°C has been reached.

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