Catherine Marshall Riesling 2021

All-rounder for receptions and cocktail parties.
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Notes: Apple / Pear Pineapple Grapefruit/Pomelo, Lemon/Lime Jasmine Slate Honeycomb / Beeswax

Body: Medium

Dryness: Sweet

Acidity: Medium +

Tannin: Light

Alcohol (%):

Origin: Elgin, Cape South Coast, South Africa

Maker: Catherine Marshall Wines


  • Riesling

Fermentation: Steel Only



Asian Food Pairing: sashimi, soba

Western Food Pairing: Tarts & pastries, chicken risotto


Catherine Marshall Riesling 2021

Catherine Marshall Riesling is a characterful fresh white wine. Sparkling green-yellow colour with tight tears. Exotic fresh and over-ripe at the same time in the nose, with pineapple, flint stone and citrus tones. Characterful yet refreshing flavour with plenty of minerality in the texture. Almost sweet mouth aroma in the remarkably long finish. Stunning aperitif, an all-rounder for receptions and cocktail parties.

Riesling grapes are perfectly suited to cold climates and Riesling is known as an “Eskimo” variety. Since Elgin has cool daytime climate and cold nights during the growing season, it is perfectly suited to produce a Cape version of the famous German “Mosel” style.
The grapes are sourced from two vineyards. One is on a south-east facing slope in the Kogelberg Biosphere rich in plant diversity besides vineyards and the other site is on a higher, western slope close to the Groenlandberg spur section of the Hottentots Holland range that encircles the Elgin Valley.
Clusters were handpicked at 19.8o Balling into lug baskets and hand sorted. After pressing, the must was settled for two days and decanted off the solids where it was inoculated with a commercial yeast strain suited to this variety. The wine fermented cold (14°C) for 26 days until it reached the residual sugar required for sweetness to balance the acidity. The final wine was fined and lightly filtered to bottle.

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