Canadian Ice wine & FOSSA cherry chocolate Gift Set

Show someone your loving with wine!
  • $62.00


We chanced upon this insane combo when Peter Toms (Director of Sales development of Lakeview wine) popped in to Singapore & of course - our store to share more about Lakeview's creations. 

Talk about perfect timing - we JUST launched our SPECIAL EDITION FOSSA CHOCOLATE! This 72% dark chocolate made with a blend of cacao from Malaysia & the Philippines is a flavour powerhouse with bright & fruity notes of prunes & raisins. Complemented with tart dehydrated sour cherries, the flavour reminds one of Black Forest cake. 

We busted the bar out and it was absolutely the PERFECT pairing. Each bringing out qualities of the other. We knew we had to share this! 

Ingredients: Cacao beans, cane sugar, dehydrated cherries