Bindi Sergardi Chianti La Boncia DOCG 2020

On the couch with pasta in one hand and Bindi's Chianti in the other. Need we say more?
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Notes: Cherries Tomato Balsamic Vinegar Coffee


Dryness: Neutral

Acidity: Medium +

Tannin: Medium +

Alcohol (%):

Origin: Tuscany (Soave, Chianti, Brunello & More), Italy

Maker: Bindi Sergardi


  • Sangiovese

Fermentation: Steel Only



Asian Food Pairing: Sio ba, kway chap, Braised duck

Western Food Pairing: Semi hard cheese, Beef ragu,


Bindi Sergardi Chianti La Boncia DOCG 2020

Ruby red is always an alluring color in a wine. Full and intense fragrance with hints of grapefruit and red fruits. Bringing to mind cherries and raspberries. On the palate, the wine is smooth and well-balanced. Gentle tannins and the persistent flavor makes it easy to drink. Drink young to appreciate its freshness and its bouquet. You can find us in a onsie, on the couch, pasta in one hand and Bindi's Chianti in the other. DO NOT DISTURB.

After de-stemming, the grapes undergo maceration for approximately 10 days in stainless steel tanks. The wine completes alcoholic fermentation at a temperature not exceeding 25° C. This process brings out its varietal character and conserve fruity and flora notes. Malolactic fermentation completes by the end of winter and bottled in spring.

The grapes producing Bindi Sergardi's Chianti comes from their I Colli estate. Settled in the northern part of the province of Siena, in the townships of Monteriggioni and Castelnuovo Berardenga. Characterized by a unique limestone also known as “Giallo di Siena”, famous for the precious yellow marble that derives from it. High amount of stones in the soil along with altitude of around 350 meters (1150 feet).

Sangiovese grape from these lands expresses its fresh and fruity taste and ample floral bouquets. I Colli is a hamlet built by the Bindi Sergardi at the end of the 1400s and has accompanied the family over the centuries. It is the most historical estate, passed on for 23 generations. It is located along the Via Francigena, the ancient pilgrimage road that connects Canterbury to Rome. It's a beautiful place with a strategic position. At I Colli Bishop Achille Sergardi hosted the embassy of Emperor Charles V (Holy Roman Empire XVI century) to negotiate a peace settlement for the city of Siena.